COBI 4830 – HMS HOOD (Speed Build Review)

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Quite a few collectors have waited a long time for this battleship. After several versions of the Bismarck, its most important and probably best-known opponent has finally appeared.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 4830
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 2613
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 12 Hours
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You can probably say that this is the most colorful manual that COBI has ever published. However, this is not due to the color print, but to the many colorful components that are built into the ship’s hull. Everything from yellow to pink is included. These colorful stones are distributed over 3 instructions that contain the 9 construction phases with their 481 construction steps.


Even the first construction steps bring out the whole blaze of colors in this new set. At least the many colored stones didn’t help me and occasionally even caused a little confusion. Apart from that, the structure is not that different from the other ships. First the bow is built and then extended with a part of the hull, which consists of large plates.

In the next few steps we will build the rear of the hood in a similar manner. After the walls of the hull have been built from yellow and black bricks, this part is covered with large plates. In older models, these were lined so that they could not be dented. COBI did without that at Hood. Now it is the turn of the deck with its tiles and numerous details.

The Hood is an older battleship that entered service as early as 1920. Therefore, the superstructures differ significantly from other battleships of World War II. 2 large chimneys adorn the deck and the bridge is a bit smaller. Fortunately, in the end you don’t see a colored stone anymore. In direct comparison with the Bismarck, the Hood is slightly larger.


The result looks great again and the model fits perfectly into any collection. The way there, however, is accompanied by a blaze of color that makes you believe that a unicorn has vomited inside. Why COBI adopted this bad habit from LEGO is a mystery to me.

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