QuanGuan 100069 – Panzer IV (Speed Build Review)

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It was one of the most important tanks in World War II and therefore in every collection of fans of this series. This model looks good, but it has its weaknesses in terms of quality.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100069
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 716
Figures: 6
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


The instructions are divided into 3 construction phases. The 716 components are divided into 30 construction steps. This low number is due to the fact that intermediate steps with their own numbering are used again and again.


The basic structure of the QuanGuan tanks is quite identical. Sometimes it starts with large plates, on which the Plate Modified for the rollers are placed and sometimes the other way around. Here, the first thing to do is to lay the plates for the rollers, which are then fixed with large plates. The further construction of the hull is done with bricks. As is so often the case, the device for the drive rollers is built separately and then attached to the hull by reversing the direction of construction. However, QuanGuan does not have the diversity that COBI can offer here. Everything is solved via small 1×1 Plate Modified, of which entire rows have to be put together.

So far almost everything has been built in black. The now prominent color is sand blue. The color is quite unusual for a tank, but it doesn’t look too bad. Unfortunately, there are significant color deviations in some bricks. The quality of the bricks from QuanGuan cannot generally keep up with COBI. The side armor is again built separately and then attached to the hull. Then there are a few details. Also among the tiles that cover the hull are some of the few printed parts. Fortunately, there are no stickers.

Time for the rollers and chains. These are more or less a copy of COBI, even if you don’t take the quality too seriously. On the other hand, they run very well and do not need any pressure from above. Plenty of small 1×1 Plate Modified to reverse the construction direction are again attached to the turret. For this purpose, COBI has an extensive portfolio of brackets with which many details can be modeled. Side parts with printed slopes and the back are built separately again and then attached to the turret.

This is now smoothed with slopes and receives a hatch that we also know from COBI. In the last step, we build the gun and then finally assemble the tank. The similarity to COBI’s old Panzer 4 is really unmistakable, even if completely different construction techniques are used here,


The model looks almost like a copy of COBI. However, the color sand blue is a bit confusing. However, it would have been nice if this model had the side skirts and the extra protection around the turret as well. Then it would be a real alternative to the no longer available Panzer 4 in the old version from COBI.

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