COBI 2714 & 2716 – T-34-85 meets Panzer IV (Speed Build Review)

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In this video/article there are 2 tanks at once. Both have often faced and fought each other. Even as a model, they now have to face a comparison.

COBI 2714 – Panzer IV


With the Panzer 4 there is finally a new model in the 1:48 series. There are also new construction techniques that are not known from the predecessors. However, the construction of the hull is not particularly different from other models. First, several layers of plates are built, to which the mounts for the front and rear rollers are then attached by reversing the direction of construction. Small wheels are used as rollers. However, these do not have a major effect on the chains. They don’t work at all on smooth surfaces. However, if you use paper to help, then they run quite well.

The hull is completely tiled and equipped with small details, such as a bucket at the rear. The turret is very simple and can be completed in just a few steps.


After countless upgrades of existing models, the Panzer 4 is finally a new small-scale model. The shape is really successful and there is no lack of small details. Only the size comparison with the T-34 shows a scale that is not really well met.

COBI 2716 – T-35-85


There were already some 1:48 scale variants of the T-34. From a purely visual point of view, this is the most successful so far. However, the proportions are less well taken. It looks puny compared to the Panzer 4 and it seems way too narrow to me. The construction begins with plates of different sizes. These are then widened and completely tiled.

The tracks use the same links as the Panzer 4. However, they run much better on the T-34. COBI uses various different slopes for the turret, which give it a chic design. The shape is the best in comparison to its predecessors. From the imprints on the turret you can see that it is probably a small RUDI.


From a purely visual point of view, this T-34 is the best so far, even if I don’t quite like the proportions. It could have been 2 studs wider. Nevertheless, a great model for friends of the small scale.

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