COBI 5855 – USAF Air Superiority Fighter – Lockheed F-22 RAPTOR (Speed Build Review)

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With the F-22, COBI is bringing another modern fighter aircraft onto the market. Here too, there are hardly any knobs to be seen and you get the impression that this is model building rather than clamping blocks.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 5855
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 695
Figures: 1
Dimensions: 39,5 x 28 x 11,5 cm
Scale: 1:48
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

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In the first construction steps, the middle area of the fuselage is built. This is already smoothed out with tiles and slopes. The wings are also very clean and thanks to the hinges, really beautiful slants are created without noticeable gaps. This time there is a full pilot in the cockpit and not just the special version without legs.

The underside is also completely tiled and houses 4 rockets in the bomb bay. The only visible nubs are on the two flaps. Since the model is quite sizable, the stand has 2 transparent holders. On the otherwise completely tiled surface there are also 2 nubs on which you can drape the pilot. The set also includes a hairpiece that can be used instead of the helmet. However, in my opinion, the pilot should urgently change his hairdresser.


Visually, the model looks very simple. This is due on the one hand to the molded parts and, on the other hand, to the nice construction techniques. Apart from the steep price, it fits in perfectly with the other models on the shelf.

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