COBI 5816 – Black Hawk UH-60 *Limited Edition* (Speed Build Review)

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A modern transport helicopter with many details and good stability awaits us in this new set. However, the armament is only available in the Limited Edition.



The start of this model is a bit reminiscent of building a tank. A base is built from plates, where only the mounts for the rollers would be missing. With the cockpit, however, it quickly becomes clear that we are building a helicopter. This is completely finished and consists of various molded parts that give the Black Hawk its unmistakable shape. The next step is to build the rear area.

After the tail has been built up to the tail rotor, it is merged with the cockpit. Although the connection only consists of a 1×10 plate, the construction is very stable and can be touched at any point. This only changes after the two sliding doors have been built and installed. These can be dented easily and you should no longer grip the model there. If you slide the doors open, you can quickly push them together again if you accidentally touch them.

The landing gear is also quite stable and carries the helicopter easily. The armament consists of several machine guns and rockets. Unfortunately, these are only included in the Limited Edition. The parts to build the standard version as a transport helicopter are also included. Due to its size, the base has 2 mounts that are inserted into the underside. Also included are 2 pilots that can be placed in the cockpit. The Limited Edition also includes a fictional President and a Marine.


The model is comparatively large, stable and very detailed. Unfortunately, the optically appealing armament is only available in the Limited Edition, which could deter some from buying the model.

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