COBI 6281 – Kriegslokomotive Baureihe BR52 – (Speed Build Review)

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With this set, the first railway moves into my canal. Since everything revolves around the military here, it is of course the BR52 war locomotive.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 6281
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 2476
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 9 Hours
8 used & new available from $197.95
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Amazon Price: $203.19

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We’ll start with this beautiful model with the driver’s cab, which has some nice touches. This also includes an indicated fire, which is located behind the flap of the combustion chamber. Overall, a lot of large stones are used here, which certainly explains part of the rather high price. In the next steps it is the turn of the steam boiler. Thanks to large parts, this is done quite quickly. The lower part is first built separately and then fitted to the locomotive with the wheels and the typical linkage of a steam locomotive. The whole thing leaves me with a bit of Hamelin, even if I’m only running one side. But overall it’s going great. All the hoses on the boiler are a little fiddled with, but they look really great. The actual locomotive is now complete.

Next up is the tender. This is only poorly infested with coal. You probably wouldn’t get far with that. Due to the many large components, the tender is a massive block. The gear train is the only area that’s a little more delicate. I don’t find the connection with the locomotive to be so well solved. You have to work underneath the locomotive and when you set it up, it tends to fall apart again. At the rear of the tender there is another coupling for the coming transport wagons. But that’s another story for a new video.


With the BR52, COBI has brought out a great steam engine in minifigure scale. If you don’t like military sets, you can also build the civilian version in black and red. Overall, an excellent and very stable model with only a few small defects. You only need the necessary small change and of course the necessary space for the 67cm long class 52 war locomotive.

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