Modbrix HAUNEBU II ‘Reichsflugscheibe’ – Speed Build Review

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*Advertising * It can be something extraordinary, even if it is a fictional device on which this model is based. We are building the mystical Reichsflugscheibe.

Manufacturer: Modbrix
Set-Number: 18267017
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 336
Figures: 01
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours

This model was made available to me by Modbrix.


The 336 components in this set are divided into 37 construction steps. Both new and old construction steps are shown here in color, so that you have to look carefully where the new parts are to be placed. At the end there is a parts list, as we know from the new COBI instructions.


In the first steps we build the substrate for the Reichsflugscheibe. The panels are only connected by a few tiles and are not reinforced from below. In addition to some vegetation, we are building a few technical equipment and the bracket with a ball joint for the flying disc. Unfortunately, the joint does not hold in all positions and the Haunebu 2 can only be tilted slightly.

In the next construction steps, the lower part of the flying saucer will be built. The round design is achieved using molded parts. The 4 feet between the guns can be folded out and offer a stable stand. The last step is to reinforce with large bricks.

The upper part is also built from many large molded parts, without which the shape on this scale would not be possible. Since it is a fictional aircraft for which there are no drawings, it cannot be said what scale it is. The set does not include stickers and the national emblems have been printed. The dome for the pilot is built with various details, but is too small to accommodate a minifigure.

In the final construction steps, we put the two saucer segments together and place the flying disc on the ground. The comparison with a Messerschmitt BF109 shows one possible size of the fictitious flying disc.


Even if the set does not have a real model, it has achieved a relatively high level of awareness. In my collection it still finds its place among other, more unusual models. At a price of just over 20 EUR you can’t go wrong, especially since the bricks are of a very good quality and, apart from a few small parts, have a high clamping force.

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