COBI 3014 World of Tanks A34 Comet – Speed Build Review

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The A34 is a rather rare representative among the models and was only used very late in World War II. This article shows how it compares to newer models.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 3014
Theme: Military
Release: 2017
Parts: 530
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes


As with most World of Tanks models, a sheet of stickers jumps out at us. Since this is an older model, we have to do without a parts list at the end of the instructions. The rest of the structure, however, does not differ from the new instructions. We have completely grayed out construction steps on which new parts are set in color. The entire construction is divided into 2 construction phases and 78 construction steps.


A large 10×16 plate forms the beginning of our building project. This is extended by another plate and then the construction of the hull begins. After the small upper rollers have been set, we build the front armor in separate construction steps. The lower part of the hull is finished for the time being and several green plates form the basis for the upper part and the basis for the following tiles.

The rest of the structure is somewhat reminiscent of the construction of a car where fenders have to be built. With our A34 this is of course armor on the hull. Before finishing the upper hull, we rotate the model and attach the rollers and chains. In the subsequent test, these run very well and do not require strong pressure to roll smoothly, even on smooth surfaces.

Now we’re going to cover the engine bay and tile the rest of the hull. A separate component adorns the stern before we start with the turret. The basis is formed by 2 plates and brackets. Before these are used, the tower and hatches will be completely completed.

In the next construction steps we will build both side armor and the rear armor. This is then placed on the brackets of the turret. The last work steps before the final completion is the barrel and the included minifigure.


Compared to other tanks released over the same period, the A34 is quite detailed. Even if it was not declared as a WW2 model, it is one of them because it was built and used at the end of 1944. Unfortunately, the model has not been produced for a long time.

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