Panlos 632017 – Jagdtiger Jagdpanzer VI – Heavy Tank Destroyer (Speed Build Review)

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Panlos has also launched the matching Jagdtiger for the King Tiger. This looks similar on the outside, of course, but is built differently and is much more stable.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 632017
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 1976
Figures: 5
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

This set was provided to me by MISINI.



Even if the structure differs from that of the King Tiger, we will of course start with the underside of the hull. This is built and put together in several stages. Then it is the turn of the complex interior fittings. While the cockpit is almost identical, the rest is significantly different. The side skirts are attached differently than on the King Tiger and are therefore far less wobbly. Here you can also grab something and don’t have to think about where you can touch the model without it falling apart right away. The hull is also covered here with separate parts that can be easily removed. The chassis and the tracks are identical to the King Tiger, but still run much better.

Even if we don’t have a moving turret, this is built completely separately and placed like a rotating turret. In contrast to the King Tiger, this one is more angular and therefore also significantly more stable. The lateral armor can be folded and thus clear the way to the interior. Finally, a few details are added to the model and the Jagdtiger is ready.


Visually, the Jagdtiger is very similar to the King Tiger. Panlos has chosen a different design here, which makes it much more stable in the end. You get a usable model with almost 2000 components for relatively little money.

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