COBI 2516: SD.KFZ. 165 Hummel – Speed Build Review

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The Hummel differs significantly from the usual tank models. This review shows how the structure of the open pulpit and the diagonally attached armor is designed.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2516
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 575
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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The artillery had to be brought to the area of operation with appropriate vehicles. It couldn’t just follow advancing units. From 1943, self-propelled guns were used here, which were based on the Panzer III and IV racks and were subordinate to the Panzer Artillery Regiments of a Panzer Division. A total of 724 Hummel armored howitzers were manufactured. In addition, there were 157 Hummel ammunition carriers without a main gun, since the Hummel with a gun only had 18 grenades on board.

Brick Quality

This part is basically mandatory for COBI models. The quality is outstanding and can also compete with the market leader. All parts of this model were printed in good quality.


The instructions are divided into 3 construction phases, which contain a total of just 74 construction steps. Here, the builder is sometimes expected to do a little more per construction step than is usually the case. But even that is easy to master even for newcomers. The instructions come with a trading card. New components to be placed are shown in color, while the rest are grayed out.


The construction begins with the basic structure of the hull in beautiful anthracite. Some would also say Dark Blueish Gray. After a series of bricks and plates, the first small casters / guide rollers come to the model. Then we start with the beautiful winter camouflage. For the camera, of course, the white is deadly and I had to play with the bezel a little to get a good compromise between the white background and the white blocks.

The next construction steps consist primarily of the beginning superstructure and the first printed parts are installed.

After the basic structure of the open combat area is in place, it is the turn of the fairing. This includes 2 side panels, the front panel and the rear with the input flaps. The most beautiful imprints of the self-propelled howitzer are on these separately built elements.

After all parts have been attached, we take care of the rollers and tracks. A total of 32 rollers and 8 gears are attached here. This is followed by the shooting of the gun.

The gun consists of several segments which are assembled in the combat area after being assembled. It can be moved up and down as well as slightly sideways. Finally, only the two figures have to be put together.

Also included are golden grenades that can be stuck into the combat cockpit. Here you need narrow fingers or a little patience.


I didn’t really want the Hummel at first. But every time I looked at her I liked her better. The winter camouflage colors that I usually only have on the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther certainly contributed to this. In the end I am happy that I bought the model. It was fun to set up and it looks really good in my collection.

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