Cobi 2511 PzKPFW. V Panther Ausf. A – Speed Build Review

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Everyone pounces on the Panzer IV and the Tiger. The Panzer V Panther is more in the shade. Not only is it a very nice model, it was also undervalued in use.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2511
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 490
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours
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The main burden at the beginning of the war was borne by tanks 3 and 4. However, with the T34 as an opponent, these models were no longer sufficient. The medium tank V Panther was developed under time pressure and has been in series production since 1943. With its 75mm gun and strong armor, it was superior to most enemy tanks at that time. However, it was not technically mature and had to deal with many failures. By the end of the war, around 6,000 vehicles had been built, which was far behind the production figures for the T34 and other Allied armored vehicles.

Brick Quality

Cobi delivers first-class quality and does not have to hide from the market leader. There are no stickers and no missing parts in this set. The clamping force of all bricks is so good that you can no longer separate plates in particular without tools.


With just a few construction steps per side and a few components per construction step, assembly is very simple. This is also ensured by the greyed out previous construction step. The manual also contains the trading card, which is now included with all WW2 models. After 3 construction phases with a total of 83 construction steps, the Panzerkampfwagen V Panther in version A is finished.


The substructure, with which we start again with this model, is completed relatively quickly. A row of bricks and a few plates is all that is built before we move on to the rest of the hull.

The entire hull takes a lot of time. A lot of small plates and tiles are installed. Since the Panzer 5 was chamfered all around, numerous wedges are of course also used.

After all the tiles of the cladding were installed, we come to the rollers and tracks. The large tracks that can be connected relatively quickly and easily are used in this model. The tank also runs smoothly with these tracks. No matter on which surface, you just have to push it from above without any pressure. Then we dedicate ourselves to the turret, which again has plenty of changes in direction. Many of the tiles and wedges are printed here.

Finally, we put the turret on the substructure, add a few small details and can dedicate ourselves to the two figures.


If you look at the reviews in the shops, you will immediately notice that everyone only wants the Panzer 4 and the Tiger. The Panzer 5 has only a fraction of the ratings. It is a really nice model with great construction techniques and now again at an attractive price. For a short time it was apparently out of print and clearly too expensive.

0 used & new available from
(0 ratings)

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