Panlos 628009 – Panzer VIII Maus with interior – Speed Build Review

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With this version of the Panzer VIII Maus you can’t really complain about the lack of an interior. In addition, it is completely and abundantly printed on the inside and outside.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 628009
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 2127
Figures: 5
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 6 Hours

Dieses Set wurde mit von zur Verfügung gestellt.


The 2127 components in this set are divided into 403 construction steps, which in turn are divided into 8 construction phases. The instructions are a little more demanding than those from COBI, as no construction steps are completely grayed out here. However, the color fading should not be a particularly big hurdle.


This project starts with a few large plates. The beginning differs little from other tank models, even if everything is a little bigger. Since we are building a rather complex interior design here, the walls are of course a bit narrower. This also costs a bit of stability, but in no way makes the model unstable, as one is used to from various other Chinese manufacturers. In separate construction steps, we create some futuristic-looking machine parts.

One can guess that the Maus has a diesel-electric drive. A clearly recognizable combustion engine sits in front of 2 large electric motors. This is where the designers apparently got their information. The tracks are enormous even when compared to the COBI mouse. Small rubber nubs that are placed in each chain link ensure a better grip. So it is not surprising that the tank rolls perfectly.

Above the engine room, the developers really let off steam and placed plenty of grenades in addition to tanks and other machine parts. In the next construction steps, the armor will be built all around. Unfortunately, there was also the first and ultimately only missing part in this set. Unfortunately, it’s a part that I don’t have a replacement for, so I had to create an alternative. This can definitely be seen, or in the end it can no longer be seen.

So that we can get to the inside later on, the hull is not just tiled, but has covers that are only attached to a few studs and can therefore be removed at any time. The hull is now completely finished and we can get on with the turret. This also gets an extensive inner workings. The barrel is not just plugged into the turret, but goes far into the turret and also contains the device for receiving the grenades.

Finally, we cover the turret with tiles and numerous details. Here, too, the covers can be removed and the interior is free at any time.


Building this set was a lot of fun. The quality of the bricks is astonishingly good and doesn’t need to hide from COBI. Another highlight are the countless prints that make the Panzer Maus a real eye-catcher.

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