Sluban B0693 Small WW2 Tank A + B Modell – Speed Build Review

This new model from Sluban comes with 2 different model variants. You can only guess which tank it should represent. It has a little bit of Panzer 3 and there is also a little tiger in it. I built both models in this review.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: B0693
Theme: Military
Release: 2019
Parts: 543
Figures: 3
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours

Brick Quality

Basically nothing negative can be said about the bricks in this set. The clutch power is sufficient and there were no missing parts. In some places, the clamping force could be a bit higher, because the construction techniques sometimes make the model very shaky.

Instruction Manual

The instructions are easy to understand and should not pose any major problems. Old construction steps are toned down so that new parts can be easily recognized. As is common with almost all Sluban models, more components are set per construction step than is known from other manufacturers. Therefore, the building instructions are quite compact and consist of a total of 68 construction steps. 33 of them are for the A model and the remaining 35 for the B model.

The Construction

The first layers of the hull are still shaky. Small plates on the underside bend the two plates and the layers above them come off again and again. Only after 2 more rows of bricks does the whole thing become a bit more stable. Before the assembly begins, the chains are pulled up.

The tracks are quite well, but they don’t really run as long as you don’t have a carpet underneath. Then the first decorative elements such as shovel and spade are used. A few more tiles and we are already building the tower.

The turret is quite small and therefore built quickly. The conclusion is the 3 figures, of which we only have to completely disassemble 2, otherwise the belts cannot be put on.

This set also thought of weapons. Since I also wanted to build the B model, the tank was of course completely disassembled and then rebuilt. Apart from the structure, the entire construction does not differ significantly from the A model.


Compared to the COBI models, this tank is quite small and you don’t know exactly which real model should be shown here. The price is ok for 543 parts.

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