CADA C61071 Tiger I Tank *RC* – Speed Build Review

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You probably can’t go wrong with one of the most famous WWII armored vehicles. We’ll take a closer look at this assembly video to see if that’s really the case.

Manufacturer: Cada
Set-Number: C61071
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 925
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


The instructions apparently still contained various errors. The many construction steps pasted over with stickers at least suggest this. In addition, the style of the instructions differs from other models. Old construction steps are not shown grayed out, which makes the construction a little more difficult for beginners. But it is not really difficult. The 722 construction steps are not numbered consecutively. There is a subdivision into A, B and C, which always start at 1.


Plenty of technical components are installed in the first construction steps. The two L motors and the mini motor are also installed at the beginning. Then the rollers are installed in the form of a box drive.

In the following steps, a technical construction will be built around the battery box. We place bricks on it, which are usually used as masonry in buildings. After this part has been placed on the hull, we build the front armor and cover it with tiles.

It’s time for the chains. 120 tracks are linked. A short test shows that they are going great. Before we start with the turret, the hull is completely tiled.

The construction of the turret is a very unstable construction in places. By using bars as connecting pieces, the barrel wobbles happily and the tracks attached to the side keep falling off. Off-road mobility is definitely different.


The construction of the hull including the motorization was mostly fun and is also largely stable. The turret is more of an imposition. The side armor is only attached in 2 places and overall very wobbly. The question arises, for whom this model should be intended. For playing, especially outside, it is not stable enough and as a showcase model not pretty enough and of course overpowered.

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