COBI 2514 SD.KFZ. 166 Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbär” – Speed Build Review

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The assault tank, referred to by the Allies as Brummbär, is currently the only COBI model that still has the side skirts. This article shows how fun to build and the quality of the slightly older model is.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2514
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 555
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours
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Since this is a somewhat older model, there was also a separate tabletop card for instructions. Apart from a missing parts list, it does not differ from the current instructions. New construction steps are displayed in color and all previous steps are grayed out. After just 60 construction steps, the model is ready.


We start with the Brummbär with a classic hull that is built up with large bricks and an 8×16 plate. The mounts for the front and rear rollers are built separately and attached to the hull.

After the upper tracks guide has been placed on the hull, it is completely covered with plates and widened.

Since we are building an assault tank without a turret, a lot of bricks are used to build it. The motor does not consist of a simple printed plate, but is built from building blocks. Before it comes to the cladding, the gun is built and used.

A number of printed parts are used for the cladding. There are no stickers in this set.

The tracks and side skirts complete the construction.


Even if the model is a bit older, building it is a lot of fun. Years ago the quality of the building blocks was at today’s level.

0 used & new available from
(0 ratings)

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