COBI 2536 M3 Half-Track – Speed Build Review

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With this set, COBI has brought another half-track vehicle onto the market. To a large extent, the construction is identical to the M3 GMC, but of course there are also differences.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2536
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 580
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
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The instructions come in the usual format. A parts list and the printed tabletop map are also included again. The 66 construction steps of the M3 are divided into 2 construction phases.


Anyone who has already built the M3 GMC will get a Dejavu straight away. Here, too, we start again with the steering and continue directly with the chassis.

Except for the front, the build is still identical to the M3 GMC. The chassis is built again in 2 parts, which are then put together. Then it goes on with the hood and the driver’s compartment. The fenders are completely connected and do not just hang in the air at any point. That brings stability to the vehicle.

In the next few steps we will pull up the loading area with the direction reversal and build folding seats for the soldiers to be transported. The frame for the driver’s compartment is a bit more delicate work and the bars have to be adjusted a little so that everything fits in the end.

With various large and partly printed tiles, we temporarily finish the upper part and get on with the wheels and castors.

Finally we put on the tracks and build the machine gun and the two figures. Unfortunately, the tracks are hardly running at all here either. Without a carpet you won’t get them rolling.


The construction is largely identical to the M3 Gun Motor Carriage. Only when it comes to the driver’s compartment and the loading area do big differences emerge. There are also 2 figures in this set. Despite the many identical passages, construction was fun again.

0 used & new available from
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