COBI 3063 WoT M4 Sherman (Scale 1:48) – Speed Build Review

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COBI also hit the M4 Sherman from the miniseries very well. He doesn’t need to shy away from comparison with his big brother. You can tell immediately that it is a Sherman.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 3063
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 300
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours


Despite its 300 parts, the Sherman can be built in fewer steps than the two previous models. Otherwise there is nothing new in this manual. Grayed out construction steps and parts list at the end are already mandatory. After just 49 building steps, the building fun is over again.


We start completely differently with the Sherman than with the other small models. Instead of plates, we use bricks as the basis for the hull. These are stabilized from below with the mountings for the rollers and from above with the obligatory plates. Then the construction of the hull can begin.

The typical slopes are realized with this model with slopes and wedges. With the big brother, hinges had to be used for this. After a few rows of plates and a few details, it is the turn of the final tiles.

The same principle is used for the rollers as with the Panzer III. In contrast to the molded parts on the first large Sherman, even the side guides on the rollers are made from bricks. The possibilities for details have really been exhausted with this size. The only thing missing is the tracks to complete the construction of the hull.

We use the same construction techniques for the turret as for the large models. A base is built with a reversal of the direction of construction and then the armor as attachments.

Comparison with the large models

You can tell immediately that this is a Sherman. The typical shape was met very well. Of course, you can’t achieve a level of detail like the Easy Eight here. The tank is a little too small for a minifigure.


The third model in the mini series also looks great and reproduces the shapes of the original very well. If you don’t feel like building the large model or just want to spend less money, you can buy a great model for your tank in the game with this set.

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