COBI 5813 – F-16®C “Fighting Falcon” (Speed Build Review)

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With the F-16, COBI continues the series of modern combat aircraft. The resemblance to the original cannot be overlooked and the quality is also maintained at a high level.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 5813
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 415
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes



COBI has brought several versions of the F-16 onto the market. Since these differ only in the camouflage pattern, I will only build one version. If you want to see the construction steps, watch this video and then decide on the country-specific version that corresponds to your own ideas. Construction begins in the center of the model with the wing construction and fuselage. The wings will first be completely finished before further construction is carried out on the lower area.

Various molded parts such as air intake and cockpit are used on the lower fuselage. The construction is largely very stable. Only the rear wings are slightly pinched and sometimes fall off due to the leverage. There is no seat in the cockpit for the pilot. You also have to squeeze it a bit and twist your hands to get it in place. Now it’s time to arm yourself. The well-known molded parts are used for the rockets. Only the two bombs have to be built from bricks.

Another printed molding is used at the rear. Due to the size of the model, a built tail fin would also be too bulky. The landing gear cannot therefore be retracted. However, there are spare parts that can be used to fill in the gaps when the landing gear is removed. Finally, only the now well-known stand has to be built and the set is ready.


With the same scaling, the F-16 is significantly smaller than the other models (F-14, F-15 and F-18) from COBI. Since various subtleties were solved by molded parts, the F-16 is a real eye-catcher and does very well on the shelf among the other modern combat aircraft.

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