MouldKing 20024 – M4 Sherman RC (Speed Build Review)

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The Sherman is another model from Mould King’s new RC series. Apart from the incredibly ugly stickers, the tank is quite impressive.

Manufacturer: Mould King
Set-Number: 20024
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 1000
Figures: 0
Dimensions: 22,7 x 12,6 x 13,5 cm
Scale: 1:24
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

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Here, too, the combined engine block is used. This combines the battery, all motors and a sound module. A mold also offers plenty of molded parts. The structure in the first steps hardly differs from the other models. The engine block gets a frame made of technic components, to which the rollers are also attached directly. After that, the actual construction of the tank begins with normal system building blocks. The hull is pulled up with plates and tiles. Front and rear are built separately.

The front mudflaps should actually be tilted a bit. However, this is not possible if the tank is also supposed to drive. As soon as he reverses, the tracks get caught. The turret is very simple and none of the hatches can be opened. The barrel consists of 2 molded parts. For this, the machine gun may be built completely.


Mold King’s Sherman is larger than its COBI counterparts. However, there is no correct standard. In purely mathematical terms, this is around 1:24. The model is stable enough to be played with. At least if you don’t send him through the grounds. For real collectors, however, it is probably only an option if you live in a country where you do not have access to COBI.

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