Panlos 628012 – Naval Gun – Short-Range Defense Weapon System CIWS – (Speed Build Review)

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With this set, Panlos has not launched a well-known vehicle, aircraft or ship, but a very special gun that can be found on warships.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 628012
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 1087
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

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The entire model basically consists of only one color, a very light grey. However, the construction is not so difficult that you absolutely need colored landmarks. In the first steps, the base is built, on which the gun will later rotate. This consists of various plates, slopes and tiles. 4 rubber nubs, which we know from the chains of some tank models, prevent a slight slipping. Now we build 2 almost identical side parts, each of which holds a motor. After these have been connected, it is the turn of the actual gun. Unfortunately, Panlos uses stickers on this model, which is rather unusual. They actually print the components. In order to build the rather delicate machine gun, molded parts are used that first have to be pressed out of the mold.

The battery box is built vertically into the side and is easily accessible via 2 doors. Finally, there are 2 radar systems on the gun and large design elements on the side. Then the gun can be placed on the stand and tested. When delivered, the remote control starts several functions at the same time. The gun rotates and descends at the same time, or the barrel rotates while the turret rotates. After several attempts everything worked.


Such a gun is definitely something different and one or the other has been waiting for it. In terms of price, you get more than 1000 parts in one color for little money, which you can certainly use for other things.

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