Panlos 632002 – Type 99 Tank – Speed Build Review

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Far Eastern tanks are far less known in this country. Thanks to its interior and 1600 components, the Type 99 is no less interesting than western tank models.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 632002
Theme: Military
Release: 2018
Parts: 1600
Figures: 5
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours


Around 1600 components are distributed in these instructions over 4 construction phases with a total of 366 construction steps. While new components are shown in full color, everything that has gone before is shown faded. At the end there is a rather extensive parts list.


Anyone who has already built Panlos models will quickly discover similarities. We start with plates on which many small plates and tiles are applied. These are framed directly by single-row bricks. So we work our way up piece by piece until the lower part of the hull is finished. Since there is plenty of interior construction here, numerous printed bricks are used. The cockpit with its instruments looks really great. The rollers and chains are attached at a very early stage. The subsequent test shows that the chains are not perfect, but still run surprisingly well.

An oversized engine also belongs in a tank. This is built entirely from bricks and is quite impressive. In the following steps, various add-on parts are built separately. This includes the tailgate, fuel tanks and parts of the rear armor.

The entire side armor is built separately and only attached to the hull in a few places. This is the only way to realize the forms of the Type 99. However, this is also at the expense of stability. Everything is quite shaky and you have to be careful where you touch the model. The interior fittings consist of 3 parts that can be easily removed. So the tank can also be used for playing, even if it is not really suitable for it. Then the turret is started.

The turret is just as fragile as the rest of the model. Parts fall off again and again when new components are attached. But there is also an inner workings and lots of details. The gun is fixed with several technical pins and rods and then attached via a ball joint. Some grenades are also built and stowed in the turret.


The Type 99 tank looks very good and is bursting with details. Except for 2 stickers that go over several tiles, everything was printed. Unfortunately, the model is very fragile and absolutely not suitable for playing.

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