Panlos 632009 – Merkava Mk4 MBT (Speed Build Review)

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Unfortunately, this set is hard to find in Germany. It is not only of high quality, but also very detailed with more than 1700 parts.

Manufacturer: Panlos
Set-Number: 632009
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1730
Figures: 6
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours 30 Minutes



With a few large plates we create a base on which a relatively large number of 1×1 tiles are placed. So you can also come up with a stately number of parts. Since this model also gets an interior, only thin walls are built. A sticker sheet is included, but the entire interior consists of printed parts.

The engine is completely built and looks really nice. Unfortunately, one of the oxygen bottles was damaged, so I had to look for a replacement. However, I didn’t have any in red and therefore had to switch to black. But that was the only missing part in the whole set. The rollers are suspended in a swinging manner, so that they come very close to a suspension. The chains on this model run absolutely brilliantly, no matter what the surface. For the side armor, which will be added later, we now use red Plate Modified, the color of which is rather unsuitable.

Since we also want to access the interior later, the tank doesn’t just get a layer of tiles. Separate covers are built, which are only attached to a few studs. A number of stickers are then used on the front armor and the side skirts. Since these do not go over several parts, they could have been printed. The hull is now complete and it is the turn of the very complex turret.

A lot of details are installed here, which even include built grenades. However, the sign on the rear can’t be attached at all. Here I really had to improvise and even cut up a part. I also had to shorten the axle for the gun barrel, otherwise the small parts would slide back and forth. An additional ring could easily have eliminated this problem, but none was included as a spare.


This model has a few small errors and the instructions have a somewhat unfortunate order here and there. But the result is impressive. We get a very nice, detailed and yet very stable model.

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