Qman 23011 – Aircraft Fighter J-20 Fire Fang (Speed Build Review)

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Alternative manufacturers of building blocks are getting better and better and are often in no way inferior to the market leader. The quality of the bricks, construction techniques, idea and implementation are outstanding in this set.

Manufacturer: Qman
Set-Number: 23011
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 1748
Figures: 3
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 7 Hours


If you get the set in the original packaging, it contains 2 boxes. These are listed in the guide as Sections A and B. In these you will find a further subdivision into 15 construction phases, which contain a total of 295 construction steps. Previous construction steps are faded out so that you have colored reference points during construction.


We’ll start with the underside of the plane for this model. There we build the flaps for the landing gear and the rockets. After that we turn it over and proceed to the walls of the hull. 5 rockets are built and used entirely from bricks. On this scale you can definitely do without molded parts. It continues with the wings at the front and rear.

We build the cockpit separately and then attach it to the fuselage. Until it’s finally in place, it’s a little unstable. After the fuselage has been completely covered with slopes and the rear wings have been built, it is the turn of the base. This sits slightly under tension and due to the higher weight of the tail, the front bracket tends to loosen and the aircraft is only stuck at the rear.

Now it’s the turn of the very detailed engine. Thanks to the excellent quality of the building blocks, it is wonderful to build. I don’t even want to imagine what the building would look like with worse stones. In the last step we give the engine a stand and the entire model is finished.


Qman emerged from Enlighten, which can still be recognized by the embossing “ENLI” on the knobs. Instead of producing copies of Lego, they now rely on their own creations. With a few additional technical components, the engine could have been made functional. So it is “only” a first-class showcase model. I hope there will be more Qman aircraft of this excellent quality.

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