COBI 5724 – Morane-Saulnier MS.406 (Speed Build Review)

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Even if this aircraft is rather less known, COBI has developed a beautiful model from it. However, it is not quite as stable as one is used to from COBI and other WW2 fighter planes.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 5724
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 317
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours
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Amazon Price: $35.77

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Instead of individual wings, we build the wings in one piece on this model. They are turned over again and again and sometimes tiled from above and then stabilized again from below. Thanks to COBI’s special thin tiles with knobs, this part is still extremely stable.

In the next construction steps, the rear and the front together with the propeller will be built. Each part on its own is again very stable, although some details are attached with only one stud, where 2 studs were used on other models. After all, quite a lot of printed parts are used here.

The individual sections are now put together and placed on the wing construction. From now on you have to be careful where you touch the model if you want to place new bricks. The upper part easily detaches from the wings, thus destabilizing the rest. The landing gear, on the other hand, has been detached very well and can be retracted almost completely, so that it can hardly be seen from the front. The base has not changed and is identical to the predecessors. I also modified this again so that the plane is tilted forward and I don’t have to look at the studs on the underside on the shelf.


The little Frenchman isn’t bad, but nothing special either. Compared to other models, less emphasis was placed on stability. The term “display model” covers more and more manufacturers of bricks. If you don’t necessarily want to have French fighter planes in your collection, then this set is certainly not a must-have.

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