Quan Guan 100247 – Panzer III Ausf. L Sd.Kfz. 141/1 (Speed Build Review)

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Quan Guan has also recognized the trend and is building more and more models with interior fittings. The engine is also built completely and no longer consists of the previously usual molded parts.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100247
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 959
Figures: 3
Dimensions: 22 x 13,8 x 10,2 cm
Scale: 1:28
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

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* Afobrick: https://www.brickmeet.de/9w7a


A completely hollow hull is built on a layer of plates in which the interior furnishings find their place. There is certainly still room for improvement in some areas when it comes to the level of detail. But at least it offers significantly more building fun than a completely filled one. A small, fully built motor is placed in the rear, which can be easily removed with a folding handle. The tracks don’t run completely smoothly on my smooth acrylic plate. But as soon as you choose a somewhat rougher surface, which also includes paper, they run without problems.

Instead of simply continuing to build on the hull, the entire upper part is built separately and then placed on the hull along with the tools as decoration. Two covers are also built separately to quickly access the interior. However, it doesn’t really work that way with the cover under the turret. Although it is only attached to a few studs, you can’t get it down in one piece. However, the cover for the motor is only placed on top and can therefore be easily removed. At the end there is the rather unspectacular turret, which has an interior area.


The quality of Quan Guan is still moderate and not at a high level. However, on the other hand, the extreme clamping force also ensures enormous stability, even for parts that are only held in place with a few studs. For little money you can get a decent kit that will provide several hours of building fun.

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