Quan Guan 100279 – Spitfire F.Mk.Ia (Speed Build Review)

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With this Spitfire Quan Guan has brought the second model of an aircraft in 1:32 scale onto the market. Wherever possible, we tried to avoid molded parts and rely on home-made products.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100279
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 682
Figures: 3
Dimensions: 30,7 x 36,8 x 13,7 cm
Scale: 1:32
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

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* Afobrick: https://www.brickmeet.de/or12


Quan Guan doesn’t just seem to be inspired by COBI and also looks a little at the market leader, who has nothing to do with military models. At least that’s what you might think when you look at the colorful interior. The many colorful stones in the rear are ultimately hidden by tiles and moldings. In the next steps the cockpit and the nose will be built. Fusing the two parts requires a little force, which is due to the poor quality of the stones. You can then assemble the propeller yourself. So far this has always been a molded part in all the sets I know of.

The two wings are almost identical and are built separately. They are connected to the fuselage via C-clamps and fixed by additional plates. This means they are slightly tilted and look more similar to the original. The chassis with suspension is a nice idea and looks pretty good too. However, it is so unstable that it usually collapses when you try to put the plane on its wheels. Even if some parts of the model are printed, the Spitfire ends up being spoiled with large stickers. The stand is again a small highlight. It can be placed in almost any position imaginable, so you can place the plane on the top shelf without having to look at the bottom.


Of course, you can tell which well-known manufacturer Quan Guan draws inspiration from. After all, you try not to make simple copies and also bring in your own ideas. This includes the chassis, the stand and various construction techniques that make molded parts unnecessary and offer more building fun. However, this would be even greater if the quality of the stones were better. As on the first day, they are still too tight and straight tiles are often difficult to put in place. Still, it’s a nice model at a reasonable price.

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