QuanGuan 100250 – RSO/01 Tractor & 37mm Anti-Tank Gun (Speed Build Review)

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Quan Guan is known for its highly variable quality and really lives up to its name here. Hardly any set from the past was worse to build than this one.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100250
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 606
Figures: 3
Dimensions: 30,3 x 8,7 x 9,4 cm
Scale: 1:28
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours

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The construction begins with the 37mm PaK and here the construction world is still in order. The lower area of the body is then built from plates and bricks. Here even normal bricks have such a large deviation that they can only be inserted with force. You have to rotate them in the same way as you are used to with QuanGuan’s tiles. Everything from loose to tight is available in the further structure.

The tracks are the typical COBI clones, just of poorer quality. They basically don’t run at all, but that’s what we’re used to with the same tracks in smaller COBI models. A highlight, both negative and positive, is the tarpaulin over the loading area. This is a bit too short and the flaps on the loading area are too unstable. According to the instructions, you should first build the entire frame and then attach it as a whole. But this is more of a torture and it makes construction a little easier if the tarpaulin is attached to the already finished tractor.


The quality is mediocre at best, but the model itself is a nice idea. It is also completely printed. Just because my set was bad to build doesn’t mean all sets are bad. Quan Quan is never really good, but they always fluctuate between usable and bad. If you can live with that, you get a rather rare model at a reasonable price. By the way, if you’re wondering what RSO means. It is the abbreviation for Raupenschlepper Ost.

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