QuanGuan 100252 – Panther & Full Interior (Speed Build Review)

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To match the tiger, Quan Guan now also has the panther on a larger scale in its range. This has the same style both visually and technically and unfortunately also the same quality.

Manufacturer: QuanGuan
Set-Number: 100252
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 2136
Figures: 5
Dimensions: 37,3 x 15,6 x 16,5 cm
Scale: 1:24
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

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Anyone who has already built the Tiger will recognize many similarities when building it. The hull has a rich interior with numerous prints. Quan Guan doesn’t skimp on the engine either and offers a beautifully built machine instead of the otherwise rather ugly molded part. In this case, the tracks are developed in-house instead of the usual COBI copies. Although they run well, they are a little wobbly here and there due to the wheels being too loose.

The turret has no interior design, but rather nonsensical construction techniques that make attaching the side panels unnecessarily difficult. In the end it is still stable and is crowned with a crooked barrel.


Visually, the result, as so often, looks great. However, the path to get there is often rocky and is made difficult by the poor quality of the components. If you can live with that, you get a nice model at a low price.

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