Sluban B1135 – T-54S / T-55AS / T-69S – Soviet Medium Tank Triple (Speed Build Review)

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In rapid succession, Sluban knocks out one Soviet model after another. In this video I build the T-54 in 3 different variations, which were also used in the former GDR.

This set was provided to me by Misini (Affiliate Link)

Manufacturer: Sluban
Set-Number: B1135
Theme: Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 604
Figures: 3
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours



A stable frame made of bricks is built for the hull. This means we have a hollow space inside, but there is still no interior fittings. The front slant can be reached by 2 separately built parts, which are then put together. Before hull tub is finished, we put on the rollers and pull on the chains. However, they don’t work here at all. Regardless of the surface, they get stuck permanently. Sluban did a much better job of that on other models. The hull is now only tiled and then we can devote ourselves to the turret.

Thanks to large molded parts, the basic structure can be completed in just a few steps. I had to shorten the axis in the gun by a few millimeters with a cutter so that there is no unsightly gap. There are also a few small details, like the machine gun. The other two variants only require minor changes. No adjustments need to be made to the actual hull. Only smaller attachments such as laser rangefinders are additionally attached.


Visually, the model makes a pretty good impression. Thanks to the bad tracks, it’s not really suitable for gaming. Sluban seems to have been saving on stickers lately. Instead of the beautiful cut-out stickers that look like prints, there are just plain paper stickers.

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