COBI 2526 SD.KFZ. 250/3 leichter Funkpanzer – Speed Build Review

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The new Afrika Korps series is enriched with a new model. This time it is a radio car that has a few nice details with printed parts. This article shows you how the construction works.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2526
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 426
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

The radio tank is based on the light armored personnel carrier 250/1. This also includes the SD.KFZ. 250/2, a telephone car. A total of 6628 vehicles were built from all variants.

Brick Quality

As usual, this set also contains bricks with an enormous clamping force. Apart from the filigree details, the model gets a stability that also survives a child’s room. In most cases, collectors are likely to buy this radio tank for the display case. In addition to the usual single-color prints, this model also contains multi-colored printed tiles.


As a WW2 model of the Historical Collection, the instructions of course include a tabletop card. Otherwise we get a familiar instruction with greyed out construction steps and colored new parts, which make the building very easy. In addition, only a few parts are built per construction step. After 2 construction phases and just 84 construction steps, the building fun is over again.


Instead of the usual plates, we start the radio car with bricks. So there is a change right from the start. Reversal of the direction of construction is also used extensively here. After the rear has reached the full width through plates, printed number plates are attached in a distressed look.

Now we are also building the first separate piece, which is to be suspended freely. Here I temporarily relined with a small plate so that it doesn’t get too shaky. Then we give the model its shape with numerous plates.

The SD.KFZ. 250 has a very striking shape, which COBI has hit very well with Hinges. The next separate part is the hood.

This is attached in a very special way. From above it only hangs on 2 studs. It is fixed from below with a plate modified. The best thing to do is look at this in my construction video. Since this is a half-track vehicle, we of course also have to take care of tracks in the rear area. These sit very tight and do not work on smooth surfaces. A multi-colored printed tile is also used here, which should represent the display or the front of the radio.

Now we are building the second part of the striking shape. This initially widens the tail and then continues straight up. For self-defense, a machine gun comes to the model, which can be rotated through 360 °, even if this is hardly needed in use and you could shoot your own radio.

Of course, a radio also needs an antenna. This still needs to be aligned a little on the vehicle.


Finally there is also a support vehicle. The shape COBI hit very well here and it does very well in the middle of my other Afrika Korps models. The set-up was temporarily shaky in some places, but in the end everything is stable again, as usual.

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