COBI 2409 – 1939 Mercedes G4 – Speed Build Review

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With the G4, another Mercedes joins the COBI portfolio. With its twin tires, it is one of the larger vehicles and can certainly compete with the Mercedes 770.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2409
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 272
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 1 Hours 30 Minutes
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Bei 272 Bauteilen braucht es weder eine große Anleitung noch mehrere Bauabschnitte. In 60 Bauschritten ist das Modell fertiggestellt. Vom Stil unterscheidet sich diese Anleitung nicht von den großen Versionen. Ausgegraute Bauschritte und eine Teileliste am Ende sind ebenfalls vorhanden.


The chassis is very similar to the Mercedes 770, even if the fenders at the rear have a greater distance due to the twin tires. The printed footplates were also used here. The construction of the chassis is quite unspectacular and consists of many small parts.

The mechanism of the trunk lid is quite unusual, but it serves its purpose. The radiator grille is a printed molded part, as it was on the Mercedes 770. However, it is not the same part. The doors are completely built and fastened with C-clamps. The convertible top is movable, but it has no real function and is only used for visual purposes. The tires of the G4 consist of 8 rubber tires. All that’s missing is the minifigure and the set is ready.


It doesn’t always have to be combat vehicles, even if this vehicle was primarily intended for the Wehrmacht. In the end, however, it was primarily party sizes that were chauffeured and the Wehrmacht received just 11 vehicles. The model is successful and makes a good impression. Compared to the 770, however, it is a little less detailed.

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