COBI 22104 TANK WARS – Panzerkrieg – Speed Build Review

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Today there is something other than a pure model. With TANK WARS there is a strategy game from COBI that also contains a few small models to build.

While most models from COBI tend to end up in the showcase or on the shelf, this set is definitely intended for play. But there is still a little to build. A total of 6 vehicles have to be built from 232 components before you can start the actual game.


There are a total of 3 instructions in this set. The game has detailed instructions in several languages and there are two more instructions for the vehicles. These correspond to the usual assembly instructions, but are much smaller in size.


There is more to unpack on the playing field than to set up. Each player gets his own, which is put together from 2 parts. All of the pre-cut tokens for artillery, supplies, armaments, etc. must be pushed out of the arches. There are also 6 separately packaged playing cards for the vehicles and 12 support cards and 2 dice. One of them with letters and the other with numbers.

In the following steps the 6 vehicles are assembled. Due to the size, these are of course only rudimentary and do not contain any fancy construction techniques. If you still want to see how the building is going, you can watch the video for this article.

The Game

The exact rules of the game can be found in the enclosed instruction booklet. At this point I will only briefly touch upon what this strategy game is all about. Each player has 3 vehicles, which are represented by the cards. There are also smaller cards called tokens. These can be used to determine the movements of the vehicles, display artillery impacts on the map and, of course, determine the hits on the vehicles. To do this, you put the appropriate small tokens directly on the vehicle cards.

Basically, the game consists of 6 steps, which are always carried out alternately or at the same time. Then these are repeated until one of the two players has lost all vehicles. This can be done either by hits from the artillery or by fire from tanks. Both the right tactics and a portion of luck with the dice are decisive.


The game is definitely more impressive than the first impression or the pictures in the shops convey. Fields are not only queried alternately, as is known from sinking a ship. The game mechanics are much more complex. There are different ways to deal damage and there is movement and support in the game as well. A good opportunity for fans of strategy games to play something away from the PC or smartphone / tablet.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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