JieStar 57014 – Antonov An-225 Mriya (Speed Build Review)

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The sheer size of this model is sure to overwhelm even the most ambitious terminal block fan. They probably worked close to the limits of what was possible when it came to the dimensions of the construction.

Manufacturer: JieStar
Set-Number: 57014
Theme: Technic,Military
Release: 2023
Parts: 5250
Figures: 0
Dimensions: 99 x 112 x 43 cm
Scale: 1:84
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 7 Hours

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The stand consists of a base made of plates on which 2 different sized holders made of technical parts are placed. This ensures a very stable stand for the large model. The construction of the aircraft begins with the front. A lot of technology is also used here to ensure that the long fuselage, which is almost one meter long, has sufficient stability. Basically, the structure is similar to that of a ship. You build a substructure with plenty of reversal of construction direction and then add separately built external cladding. In this way we work our way to the stern of the Antonov.

The landing gear, both under the cockpit and in the middle of the fuselage, is sufficiently dimensioned and can be completely retracted and hidden. The wing construction is huge. At more than a meter you might expect them to be unstable. But they hold up surprisingly well for their size. Inside there is a construction made of technology and system components. They also came up with a nice design for the tail unit and don’t just rely on hinges. This means they can be completely recessed. The rear wings are also very large, towering over most 1:48 scale aircraft. Here, however, the middle area is quite unstable as long as you hold it in your hand. This makes it a little tricky to attach the wings to the fuselage. Once attached, they are just as stable as the main wings. Except for a part on the cockpit and the plaque with the name, there are no prints in this set. This might be quite difficult due to the size, as many stickers are stuck over a number of parts.


You have to be a big fan of unusual aircraft to buy this model. But this is neither due to the quality nor the price. You get a lot for your money and that might be the problem. With a footprint of around 1 m by 1.2 m, most people will have a hard time finding a suitable spot. The model is not suitable for playing as it does not offer any gaming functions and the aircraft cannot be loaded.

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