KAZI KY10006 Type 84 Bridge Tank – Speed Build Review

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Even if this is a tank, it is different from the usual models. Instead of a turret and gun, this modern tank carries a mobile bridge.

This set was made available to me by yourwobb.com.

Manufacturer: Kazi / GBL
Set-Number: KY10006
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1155
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours 30 Minutes


The 1155 components of the bridge laying tank are divided into 3 construction phases. However, only the bags with small parts are numbered. There are some larger bags in the set that are required in all construction phases. To make new parts easier to identify, previous construction steps are grayed out. Using the parts list at the end of the instructions, you can see all parts and their number and reorder any missing parts.


The beginning differs only slightly from most other models. A foundation is created from plates, which is then built on with bricks. The first special features are used in the rear area of the hull. 2 Large bricks are filled with metal to counterbalance the bridge. A Lightbrick is also included, which has a separator to protect the batteries, but the batteries themselves have not been considered. I couldn’t find any that fit either. Even the smallest cells for hearing aids were still too thick. The large rollers are built and attached with technical parts.

Unfortunately, these rollers have guide strips that do not fit with the spacing of the tracks. As a result, they hook immediately and are completely unusable. In the next steps, technical components will mainly be used to build the device for the bridge. The set contains 3 large actuators that are not stable enough to hit the lever of the long bridge.

After the fixture has been completed and attached to the hull, it is the turn of the bridge. For this, 4 almost identical parts are built, which are then connected with technical parts and an actuator.

In the end, all 4 parts are then put together and pushed onto the receptacle on the hull. Since the bridge is not firmly attached, it can be lowered and uncoupled from the tank. However, there are a few problems with building the bridge. Without a little hand support, the bridge cannot be retracted. Due to the leverage effect, it detaches from the actuator after a short time and falls down.


Basically the quality of the bricks is good. They can be built in well and also last. However, the bridge cannot be operated as intended by the technology. The actuators do not hold due to the lever and fall apart if you do not support a little with your hand.

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