Sluban B1012 – Black Hawk Rescue Helicopter (Speed Build Review)

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In addition to various WW2 models, Sluban also used modern military equipment as a template this year. Although the result cannot keep up with COBI, it is still impressive.

Manufacturer: Sluban
Set-Number: B1012
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 692
Figures: 4
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 2 Hours 30 Minutes

This set was provided to me from Afobricks.



Hull and stern are built with plates and provided with plenty of direction reversal. The side paneling and the doors are then attached to this in the further course. However, these cannot be pushed open and can only be stuck on the sides. The cockpit is built separately and then attached via a ball joint. Due to the superstructure with plates, it is ultimately very stable. Now the large printed pane can be inserted and the roof can be closed.

There are then 2 turbines on the roof, which are also attached via ball joints. Now that the fuselage is completely finished, we can take care of the tail and the tail rotor. Hinges are used here again, which are quite difficult to insert. In the last construction step, technical parts are used, from which the chassis is built. In this bag is also the rope for the winch, which you have to take off again. So you should open bag 9 right at the beginning.

Even if this is a rescue model, there is an armament. This is built entirely of molded parts. In the last step we build the rotor, which is a bit too small for this model. Also included are 4 figures that you first have to completely disassemble in order to get the shoulder straps over the torso.


Sluban has improved significantly and created a chic and, above all, stable model. Nevertheless, this helicopter is likely to be less interesting for collectors. It’s probably better suited for gaming.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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