WOMA C0813 – Buk M1-2 Medium Range SAM System (Speed Build Review)

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It was my first time building a set from this manufacturer and I was immediately surprised by the good quality. It certainly won’t be the last.

Manufacturer: WOMA
Set-Number: C0813
Theme: Military
Release: 2024
Parts: 1258
Figures: 3
Dimensions: 25,7 x 9,4 x 18,8 cm
Scale: N/A
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours

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* MISINI-MOC: https://www.brickmeet.de/l5rm


The mechanics with which the turret can later be turned manually are built directly on the first plates of the hull. There is a small gear at the rear for this purpose. We then create a rudimentary interior with a mock engine and the cockpit with printed instruments. There are no stickers in this set. The tracks completely refuse to work on smooth acrylic. But on paper they really work perfectly. In the next steps, the upper part of the hull will be built separately and then attached. The engine has a large flap that can be opened easily.

The covers to be built now are only attached to a few studs and can be quickly removed. While the interior isn’t stunning, it’s a nice feature. Now it’s the turn of the large turret and the launcher for the rockets. Many delicate add-on parts are used here. Nevertheless, the whole thing is surprisingly stable. The missiles are also completely built and do not just consist of molded parts.


I hadn’t had WOMA on my radar until now, but with this set that has changed. The quality is excellent and there are no stickers. The manufacturer offers some exceptional models that you cannot find from other providers. The set is also attractively priced.

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