BlueBrixx Hanomag with V2 Rocket and Launcher – Speed Build Review

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A V2 has so far been sought in vain as a brick set. It was therefore clear that I had to buy and build this set. Anyone who has only been used to COBI so far will have to change a bit here. But the result is impressive.

Manufacturer: BlueBrixx
Set-Number: 101021
Theme: Military
Release: 2019
Parts: 480
Figures: 0
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

Brick Quality

With the alternative building blocks, COBI can be used as a benchmark. In comparison, BlueBrixx unfortunately performs significantly worse. The majority can be installed quite well, but there are always mistakes or stones that have little clamping force. Missing parts are also not uncommon. Here BlueBrixx still has room for improvement. There are currently no printed stones at all. Only stickers that you have to cut out yourself are included in the set.

Instruction Manual

There are no printed instructions at BlueBrixx. In the neutral box of the set there is a sticker with a link to download the PDF document. The construction steps are shown in full color. You have to look closely at where the new stones are to be placed. It may well happen that you have to take a step backwards, otherwise you cannot set the new stones. The order is sometimes a little unfortunate and you build on flying stones.

The Building

The Hanomag starts in this set. The body is built from bricks and plates with sufficient clamping force. No molded parts are used for the fenders. After a small turbocharger has been used, the tires are already plugged in.

The doors are not made of molded parts either. For this, the hood got 2 prefabricated doors. The front gets a bumper and a grille. A round 1×1 plate under the roof plate forms the stop for the front window, which is placed on a hinge. Finally, a spare wheel and 2 boxes are attached to the rear. Then the two-part trailer continues. The overall construction is called the Meillerwagen.

A receptacle for the rocket is built onto the substructure using technical elements. This part cost me a lot of nerves. The axles could only be got into the lift arms with brute force.

Now it is finally the V2’s turn. The entire body is built without molded parts. Only the tip cannot be solved otherwise. In the end, the V2 consists of 3 parts, each of which is connected to a single knob. During construction, it makes more sense, contrary to the instructions, to build the parts individually and only put them together at the end. This saves a constant falling apart.


Overall, the set has been successful and is currently unrivaled. The bricks are not of the best quality and are roughly on the level of Sluban. Nevertheless, with a few exceptions, the set was easy to build.

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