CaDA C61036 – GIANT 1:8 HUMVEE (Speed Build Review)

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I’ve already built large models for you guys, but this 1: 8 scale Humvee is huge and beats them all. There are also a lot of functions.

Manufacturer: CaDA
Set-Number: C61036W
Theme: Military
Release: 2021
Parts: 3935
Figures: 0
Age: 14
Building Time ca.: 12 Hours


For 3935 parts, 5 instructions with 8 construction phases and a total of 636 construction steps are required. The engine is described in detail in the last issue. However, the motors must be purchased separately.


The first part consists of countless lift arms, pins and other technical components. It takes a while before you realize which part of the vehicle you are working on. At the latest with the wheel suspension and the cable winch, it is clear that it is the front.

In the next steps, the rear will be built first and then connected to the front via an axle. Only then is stability brought to the construction with lift arms. Each wheel suspension is equipped with 2 springs, which provide the Humvee with excellent suspension.

The wheels of this vehicle are gigantic and fit the model perfectly. The two weapon systems are built separately and put on the model much later. For this, a complex mechanism is created in the middle of the chassis, which offers more functions than simply rotating the weapons. This completes the entire chassis and is set aside. Due to the many different colors that CaDA has used, it almost looks like a unicorn has vomited. Now is the time to build the body. The bonnet and tailgate are just the beginning. This is where the first large panels are used.

The doors are also fitted with springs, making them easy to close and keep in the closed position. A mixture of technology and system modules is used for the seats. After these have been placed in the body, we put the body together, except for the engine skin, and put it on the chassis. 4 axes on the underside ensure that it sits and you can even lift the entire model on it. The last step is the bonnet and a long building fun comes to an end.


The construction of this model takes several hours. So if you are looking for a long building fun, this is the right place. As usual, the quality is excellent and CaDA has come up with a lot of ideas for the construction techniques. Many details, including the suspension of the wheels, doors and tailgate, find their place. In terms of price, the set is far below what the Danish side estimates for a set of this size.

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