COBI 2236 M113 APC – Speed Build Review

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Another model from the Vietnam series has arrived. This time it’s not a tank, it’s an armored personnel carrier. But this one was also a lot of fun to build.

Manufacturer: COBI
Set-Number: 2236
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 510
Figures: 1
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours

The M113 has been used in numerous functions in more than 50 countries worldwide. So it was used as a pure personnel carrier, but was also used as a fire control tank and tank destroyer. It was even used by the police and fire services.

Brick Quality

Since COBI has not changed the molds and material composition, the bricks are still at a high level and offer an enormous clamping force. Only this time, COBI was a bit careless with the construction techniques. But more on that later.


The instructions come in the usual style. Old steps are grayed out so that the new, colored building blocks can be easily installed. The parts list included since this year is also not missing. After 71 construction steps, which were divided into 2 sections, the team transporter is ready.


Since this model is a real block, we of course also need a large plate as a base. Several rows of bricks are then layered on top. Since there is even an interior space here, the walls are only stabilized by plates at the end.

The interior has 2 seats and 2 benches, which are also equipped with backrests for comfort. However, the entire roof cannot be removed here, so that this space can only be reached through the upper hatch and the tailgate. Less suitable for playing.

Unfortunately, some parts were sparsely attached, so that they come off quickly when playing. The worst are the track rollers on the tracks. These were installed without securing, so that they break off over their entire length at the lightest pressure from above. The small details are beautifully designed.


If you want to complete your collection, of course you have to buy this model. Otherwise there are unfortunately some shortcomings that I am not used to from COBI. The M113 is less suitable for gaming.

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