COBI 2491 IS-2M – Speed Build Review

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The IS-2 heavy tank was used in the last years of World War II. Even if this model is no longer on sale, it is worth building up.

Manufacturer: Cobi
Set-Number: 2491
Theme: Military
Release: 2017
Parts: 575
Figures: 2
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 3 Hours


For this model, just 64 construction steps are required, which are divided into 2 construction phases.


We start in the usual way by laying plates as a base. A total of 3 large 8 x 16 plates are used in this set. After the mounts of the rollers, we start with large 2 x 10. This quickly gives us a considerable height of the hull.

After we have built the front and rear separately, we continue with large bricks in green. With a few 4 x 8 plates the tank gets its final width. The engine of the IS-2 consists of 2 molded parts.

The hull is covered with numerous tiles and 2 large trunks are provided. After that, hard work is the order of the day. Rubber must be fitted to 28 wheels. The cover is then completely finished with the tracks.

The turret of the IS-2 has a lot of volume thanks to plates and bricks. The white stripe, which is made from white bricks, looks particularly chic here. The 122mm gun can be clearly seen on the tank. Both figures from this set get a special piece. While the commander is allowed to carry a red flag, the soldier is given a stylish rubber cloak.

IS-2 vs T-34

The level of detail of the two models is almost identical, even if the IS-2 looks a bit fancier. The T-34 is visibly smaller. Both the hull and the turret appear slightly more delicate.


I am happy to have got hold of this model before the production stop. Today you have to spend a lot of money if you want to buy it used or even in its original packaging and unbuilt. A nice tank that was a lot of fun to build.

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