Qman 23012 – DF41 Ballistic Missile (Speed Build Review)

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A state-of-the-art weapon system made of building blocks has been implemented in this set. The level of detail is enormous and the quality of the bricks is of a very high standard.

Manufacturer: Qman
Set-Number: 23012
Theme: Military
Release: 2020
Parts: 1868
Figures: 3
Age: 8
Building Time ca.: 4 Hours 30 Minutes



Even a large set starts small. In this case it is the body of the carrier vehicle, which is assembled from several similarly constructed parts. The technical components used here ensure that entire groups of wheels rotate evenly, but are otherwise only of a decorative nature. Since there is no steering, an aftermarket motor would do little at this point. We now whet separately built side walls onto the body, which only differ in a few details.

In the coming construction steps, the two-part driver’s cab and the engine will be built. This is located between the 2 cabins and is covered with 2 flaps. With further details, such as doors and exterior mirrors, the actual vehicle is already finished. Next is the tube in which we can later put the missile. This consists of a total of 8 sections, 6 of which will be built with transclear moldings. This allows you to see the entire missile inside. The bottom 5 sections are attached to the vehicle at this point and fitted with decorative actuators. These consist only of technical components and have no function. The extended tube can thus be locked on the vehicle. Now it’s time for the actual rocket, which consists of 3 stages. The lower one is the largest and is completely covered with slopes. In contrast to other rockets that I have already built, this one is very stable. The top of the missile is again built with transclear parts so you can see the inner workings. Only the 4 warheads are hidden under a white tip.

The finished missile can be inserted into the tube with an absolutely precise fit and then covered with it. The level of detail of the missile is so great that one naturally also wants to present it individually on the shelf. There is also a base made of molded parts. I would have liked to tilt the missile a bit, but that’s not possible without modification. There is no lock and the missile slides down at the slightest tilt.


I was expecting more of a playset from the pictures, but was a bit surprised when I saw the level of detail and size of the finished model. The good brick quality ensures a lot of building fun and the price is definitely impressive.

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