TGL T-4011 – Katyusha Rocket Launcher (Speed Build Review)

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There are actually other models than the well-known and often offered WW2 tanks. The Katyusha, also known as the Stalin organ, is certainly no less well-known.

Manufacturer: TGL
Set-Number: T4011
Theme: Military
Release: 2022
Parts: 2268
Figures: 0
Age: 10
Building Time ca.: 5 Hours



Of course, with a Technic model, you spend the first time inserting a lot of pins and building a framework with them. Since it is an RC model, the first motors are installed quite early. The quality of the stones is excellent, so there are no problems with the construction. It appears that TGL uses GoBricks. However, a cable with CaDA embossing is also included.

With large panels, the shape of the rocket launcher is quickly apparent. It is said to be a Katjusha BM-13. However, it bears no resemblance at all. But it is almost identical to the more modern BM-21 GRAD. Only the launcher is a bit smaller, which is certainly due to the components available. However, the technology in it is not bad. The row of spring elements is triggered at lightning speed via a chain in which a single, larger link is installed. A bit annoying were 2 missing parts, one of which I could not replace. In the end, however, everything worked. For the rotation of the launcher, however, one would have had to come up with a translation, since it rotates much too quickly.


This model is probably less suitable for collectors, even if it looks very good for a technical model. But you can easily pass it on to your children to play with, as it is extremely stable.

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